Engineering Intelligence with a Vision

"Engineering Intelligence with a Vision"

As technology continues to evolve across dimensions it is rapidly transforming the products and services that we use today. Driven by digital transformation and connectivity, making everything smarter and augmenting our experience. We are engaging with and relying on technology more than before.

Even as more business functions are augmented by new technology capabilities, people remain the most critical asset of an organisation.

Advanced Visualisation, Analytics and Spatial Intelligence is the next technological evolution in effective use of computing in the process industries. It enables us to work in a natural way with the volume of data for operation & maintenance by simplifying access to large amount of data in context with the Physical asset.

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The user interface of the future for the
workforce will be visual, analytical, intelligent, interactive and adaptive where it makes sense, offer new ways to visualise problems and solutions, and enhance collaboration.

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Simplifies the Complex

AiSpanner is the NextGen easy to use interactive multidimensional Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance and Safety Planning application, using advanced visualisation, analytics, spatial and augmented intelligence.

Spatial & Time-based visual analysis can play a significant role in planning and scheduling, unlike building an actual prototype, it allows us to not only predict what will happen, but why it will happen. Scenarios can be readily developed with multiple complex and interdependent factors.

AiSpanner gives visual and spatial intelligence to Planning, Safety, Tasks, Crane Utilisation, Staging, Tie-Ins, Inspection, Onsite Machining and Scaffolding to manage and optimise physical space, manage conflicts and reduce the risk of health and safety incidents.

The solution has been developed with a human and data-centric approach, an intuitive interface for a connected workforce with an integrated environment. Multiple data sources; Static, Dynamic, Real-time and 3D unite in a common spatial visual environment.

AiSpanner improves efficiency, quality, and accuracy whilst lowering risk of health, safety and environment incidents, and increasing performance for maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning.


Maintenance Challenges

  • Safety

  • Tight Schedules

  • Large number of task

  • Multiple critical & sub-critical paths

  • High risk work activities, Hot Work, Rigging, Inspection

  • Large number of contractors

  • Turnaround Complexity

Design for Experience

Design for Experience



Embedded safety in design features, industrial safety standards & on going safety requirements in an integrated visual analytical environment.



Multi-dimensional planning allows activity movement through space and time to achieve an optimised plan, removing all wasted motion. Visualisation of resource histograms - utilisation and levelling of workforce.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

Visual analytics allows insightful decision making for complex dynamic maintenance problems to extract maximum efficiency.



Visualise large numbers of critical and subcritical tasks, creating clear understanding of complex interrelationships between activities through a common visual language.

Spatial Intelligence

Spatial Intelligence

Location awareness and time dimension with visualisation gives insight to relationships between different tasks, lifting, inspection, cleaning and all other maintenance activities.

Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce

Access relevant information at the right time, on-demand, real time push or pull information through mobile devices. Augmenting digital, physical asset and human asset.



Visual staging planning for space reservation with time dimension to remove waste motion; locations of temporary facilities, materials warehousing, equipment, cranes, temporary structures, dust and runoff containment barriers etc.



Crane utilisation planning and routing using space and time relative to other maintenance activities and safety.

Data Augmentation

Data Augmentation



Engineering & Maintenance Master Data, Location Intelligence, Safety



Planning, Business data, IoT, Logistic

Real Time


Video, Weather, Process



3D Model, Point Clouds, UAV, 3D-Meshes, Satellite Image

AiSpanner's data augmentation adds value to base engineering master data by adding operation and maintenance information derived from internal and external sources within an enterprise. Users can import a multitude of data sources in to a common visual spatial environment.

AiSpanner enables stakeholders throughout the organisation to easily access data from enterprise systems.

About AiSpanner

At AiSpanner, we believe there is a better way to do maintenance and safety planning using data, visualisation, spatial intelligence and analytics.

The design phase integrates safety, operability and maintainability generating large amounts of data and knowledge. AiSpanner captures, augments and integrates design data with operational and maintenance data into a single visual, analytical and spatial environment.

We truly believe in the transformative power of single real-time data model to simplify communications, enhanced collaboration, safety, and maintenance planning.

Our Mission

Physical, Digital and Human Assets working in Harmony.

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