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As technology continues to evolve across dimensions it is rapidly transforming the products and services that we use today. Driven by digital transformation and connectivity, making everything smarter and augmenting our experience. We are engaging with and relying on technology more than before.

Even as more business functions are augmented by new technology capabilities, people remain the most critical asset of an organisation.

3D Visualisation, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics is the next technological evolution in effective use of computing in the process industries (Mining, Oil & Gas). It enables us to work in a natural way with the masses of information for process plants. It simplifies access to the data and presents the information in context with the 3D Plant model - physical asset.

that works with you


The user interface of the future for the
workforce will be visual, intelligent, interactive
and adaptive where it makes sense, offer new
ways to visualise problems and solutions, and
enhance collaboration.

hard hat

Simplifies the Complex

AiSpanner is the Next-Gen of front-end Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage maintenance simulation tools for optimisation of planning and execution, using advanced visualisation (3D/4D), dynamic physics, spatial and artificial intelligence.

Spatial & Physics-based engineering simulation can play a significant role in TAM Planning, unlike building an actual prototype, it allows us to not only predict what will happen, but why it will happen.

AiSpanner gives dimension to Safety, Work Orders, Crane, Scaffolding, Staging area, Tie-Ins and spatial relativity to manage and optimise physical space, avoid conflicts, minimise Interference and reduce the risk of health and safety incidents.

The solution has been developed with a human-centric approach, an intuitive interface for connected workforce and with integrated environment. (Plant 3D model, rigging, scaffolding, safety, work instruction, simulation, schedule, work order, drawing).

This solution raises efficiency, quality, and accuracy while lowering risk, and increasing performance for turnaround maintenance, major refurbishment, construction and decommissioning.

Design for Experience

Artificial Intelligence


Embedded AI for hyper personalisation of equipment maintenance, volumetric rigging path guide, situational awareness, collision avoidance and provide real-time suggestions.

Connected Work force

connected work force

Future workforce is going to be connected to access relevant information at the right time, on-demand, real time push or pull information through mobile devices.
Augmenting digital and physical asset.



Advance physics for lifting study and simulation.
Dynamic physics with study of forces, acceleration, oscillation, damping, torques and their effect on lifting.



Drag and drop lifting equipment from catalogue. Crane utilisation heat map.
Innovative crane controller interface for lifting study and simulation.



3D/4D Simulation allows for quick assessment of alternative scenarios for turnaround maintenance and decommissioning.
Simulate for installation and removal of equipment to optimise and clear the path of obstacles.
Activity recording, playback and observe from any view point.



Drag and drop standard configuration of scaffolding, special equipment scaffolding from catalogue.
Volumetric parametric scaffolding.

External Data

external data

3D model integrated with external data source. (CMMS, Schedule, Work Order, Drawing etc).
External data source can be applied to Colour code 3D model for Visualisation.



Incidence & Near Miss marker in 3D model with report link. Visual sequence for isolation procedure.
Drag and drop 3D safety equipment, parametric 3D safety zone, unsafe area creation.

About AiSpanner

AiSpanner, a spinout from Visual Intellect's win in the Woodside Energy Limited - Curtin University "Visualisation of Turnaround Maintenance Preparation and Execution" hackathon innovation challenge 2016/17.

We're a technology company developing engineering software that reimagines how engineering visualisation can be used for digital transformation in process industry.

Bringing the power of analytics, physics and artificial intelligence to the workforce through 3D visualisation platform.

This revolutionary technology fills the gap between rigid engineering systems and dynamic engineering activity like construction, maintenance and operations taking place in the process plant.

Ai and 3D Visualisation has moved out of the engineering office to bring power to a connected workforce for multidimensional interactions.

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