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Connect - Collaborate - Manage - Plan - Execute

The user interface of the future for the workforce will be visual, analytical, interactive and adaptive where it makes sense, offer new ways to visualise problems and solutions, and enhance collaboration.

Maintenance Twin with Connected Data.

Data driven technology enables close collaboration between all disciplines, integrates processes and assures end to end continuity by sharing the same source of real time information. A single source of truth unlocks efficiencies, increases productivity and secures profitability via data driven processes and decision making.

Shutdown, Maintenance Productivity.

  • 25-30% Improvement in Planning & Management
  • 20-25% Increased Tooltime
  • 70-80% Improved information accessibility
  • 75-80% Increased communication & collaboration
  • 75-85% Increased data quality, control and compliance
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Key Benefits

  • Improve worker and asset safety
  • Better visibility and continuity across the lifecycle for improved governance and risk mitigation
  • Real time cross business collaboration improves project productivity and increase knowledge reuse
  • Data integrity & improved accuracy
  • Better capitalisation of knowledge and best practices
  • Multidimensional Planning
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Simplifies the Complex

AiSpanner is a connected datacentric Turnaround and Maintenance Lifecycle solution. AiSpanner's processes, workflow, and analysis, allows you to make data driven decisions.

The purpose built platform for all Turnaround stakeholder's allows for consistent communication and information at every stage. AiSpanner connects disparate data to plan, manage and execute turnaround maintenance campaigns, using advanced visualisation, latest database, cloud solution and spatial intelligence to build maintenance intelligent twins.

AiSpanner reduces costs while significantly improving efficiency, safety, collaboration, and communication between stakeholder to ensure the right work gets done, at the right time, with the right tools, materials, and people.

Maintenance Challenges

Disconnected Data sub-critical-paths Wrench time Schedule Hot Work Safety Environment Planning Scaffolding work activities Cost Staging Critical Path Inspection Scope Creep Cost Creep Surprise Work Tooltime Testing Communication Debottlenecking Lifting Sub Contractors Catalyst Tight Schedules Emerging Technology Crane Communication Contractors Capital Project Logistic Multiple Critical Path Collaboration Integration Work order Scope Quality Rigging Logistic Task High risk
Design for Experience

Connected Experience



Embedded safety in design features, industrial safety standards & on-going safety requirements in an integrated visual analytical environment.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

See all projects in AiSpanner's Hub and keep them aligned with strategic goals. Monitor and track with features that make evaluating a project easier.



AiSpanner's cloud-based software lets you access your projects from anywhere. Plan, track, organize, and review progress on your team's work.

Resource Management

Resource Management

Manage team workload with easy resource allocation tools. Plan resources with task lists and Gantt charts. Assign resources and see team workload in one view.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Work together in real time with features that foster collaboration.

Planning / Scheduling

Planning / Scheduling

Multi-dimensional planning allows activity movement through space and time to achieve an optimised plan, removing all wasted motion. Visualisation of resource histograms - utilisation and levelling of workforce.

Connected workforce

Connected Workforce

Access relevant information at the right time, on-demand, real time push or pull information through mobile devices. Augmenting digital, physical asset and human asset.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Location awareness and time dimension with visualisation gives insight to relationships between different tasks, lifting, inspection, cleaning and all other maintenance activities.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

Visual analytics allows insightful decision making for complex dynamic maintenance problems to extract maximum efficiency.

Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Using AiSpanner, project can identify and prioritize potential threats and opportunities that exist for project.

Inefficient communication between project stakeholders is one of the root causes of project failures, and as project size and complexity grow, so do the communication challenges. AiSpanner's communication & collaboration tools provide a solution to this challenges.

Data Augmentation

Data Augmentation



Engineering & Maintenance Master Data.



Planning, Management, Business data.

Real Time


Real time tracking, Execution update.


3D Data

3D Dataset, Point Cloud, UAV, 3D-Meshes, Satellite Image.

AiSpanner's data augmentation adds value to base engineering master data by adding operation and maintenance information derived from internal and external sources within an enterprise. Users can import a multitude of data sources in to a common visual spatial environment.

Ensure the right work gets done, at the right time, with the right tools, materials, and people.

About AiSpanner

At AiSpanner, we believe there is a better way to do maintenance and safety planning using data, visualisation, spatial intelligence and analytics.

The design phase integrates safety, operability and maintainability generating large amounts of data and knowledge. AiSpanner captures, augments and integrates design data with operational and maintenance data into a single visual, analytical and spatial environment.

We truly believe in the transformative power of single real-time data model to simplify communications, enhanced collaboration, safety, and maintenance planning.

Our Mission

Physical, Digital and Human Assets working in Harmony.

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